Duct Cleaning Collingwood

Duct Cleaning Collingwood – we offer professional ducted heating cleaning, air duct cleaning, cleaning, floor and ceiling duct cleaning! Professional Duct Cleaners in Northern, Southern & Eastern Suburbs. The best Collingwood Air Duct Cleaning Specialists for the same day booking! Breathe Fresh Duct Air.

Fresh Duct Cleaning Collingwood
Fresh Duct Cleaning Collingwood

Air Duct Cleaning Collingwood

We offer professional ducted heating cleaning, air duct cleaning, cleaning, floor and ceiling duct cleaning!. No more Bad Smell and Breathe Fresh Duct Air in Collingwood. Call 1800730713 to book same day duct cleaner in Collingwood. Our duct cleaners live across Collingwood including northern suburbs, eastern suburbs, western suburbs and southern suburbs. We are local and live nearby your home. Our Local Duct Cleaners available for the same day service.

  • Evaporative Duct Cleaning.
  • Vent Ducted Heating Cleaning.
  • Ceiling Duct Cleaning
  • Floor Duct Cleaning
  • Air Handling Duct Unit Cleaning
  • Certified Duct Cleaners from NADCA
  • Duct Repair.
  • Clearing the Air on Indoor Air Quality
  • Duct Heating & Cooling Maintenance.
  • Ducted Heating Cleaning
  • Duct Cleaning Heating & Cooling Service.
  • Ducted Heating Cleaning.
  • Air Condition (AC) Duct Cleaning.
  • Ducted Heating Cleaning Systems.
  • Commercial Duct Cleaning.
  • Air Duct Cleaning.
  • Vents Duct Cleaning.
  • AC Duct Cleaning Collingwood.


Professional Duct Cleaning Collingwood

We provide professional duct system cleaning service in Collingwood. Many other companies don’t have adequate certification or experience in duct cleaning. However, at fresh duct we got experienced experienced ducted heating cleaners provide professional duct cleaning services which includes duct sanitisation, duct deodorisation and duct return vent cleaning.

Same Day Duct Cleaning Collingwood

Fresh Duct Cleaning Collingwood award wining company domestic and commercial duct cleaning. Call us for the professional ducted repair & cleaning. No hassle for any home or business premises. We are partner with Mark’s Duct Cleaning.
Subsisting in the walls or ceilings, dust is attracted to vents which can leak unwanted residue through the air. That is why you should consider quality duct cleaning services in Collingwood, so that you wont have to worry about sickness and cleanliness ever again.

Duct Cleaning Collingwood

Operating locally for over 10 years of operations, Fresh Duct Cleaning Collingwood can assist you with your duct cleaning any day of the week. We are a premium duct services provider with an excellent track record for achieving results and looking out for our customers. We offer the finest quality duct cleaning services in Collingwood, with an affordable, cost effective approach to an age old problem.

Duct Cleaning Collingwood Duct Cleaning Collingwood

Ducted Heating Cleaning Collingwood

We offer a plethora of experienced servicemen and women in Collingwood, who can take care of the following:

  • Same day and emergency service – for when you require a fast service.
  • Affordable, cheap prices – the cheapest rates in Collingwood
  • Local Collingwood owned business – we are a family business that prides itself on our local look and feel!
  • Guaranteed result, every time – for a steadfast, repeatable service you can tell all your friends about.
  • Free quote and initial consultation – we dont waste your time or money, offering honest advice in an initial session.
  • Certified cleaners – experienced cleaners that know just how to handle those tough stains.
  • Steam cleaning if required – we have specialist steam cleaning technology if needed.
  • Repair if required – or any broken furniture, we are more than happy to offer repair services.

Ducted Heating Cleaning Collingwood Ducted Heating Cleaning Collingwood

Whats more, we wont be beaten on price and quality! Our team of cleaners are well versed in providing an expert certified service. We just know you will be delighted with our guaranteed results!

Duct Cleaner Collingwood Air Duct Cleaning Collingwood

Why Ducted Heating Cleaning is Important?

When you engage our services, you get more than just cleaners. You get qualified advocates that will go above and beyond to offer the best duct cleaning experience around.

Trained, tried and tested, we know you will be thrilled with their work effort.

Central Duct Vent Cleaning Collingwood

Our Ducted Heating Cleaning Portfolio

After a proper clean, your ducts will allow significantly improved air flow to your home and business. Allergens will no longer float through the air. Dust will not collate in the ceilings and filter down through to your lungs. Our customers often remark how our cleaning services have removed unwanted noise coming from their heating or air conditioning unit. This is because dust collects in the vents and creates strain on the filtration. Would you like to make your home and business allergin-free? Read on to find out more.

Ducted Heating Cleaning CollingwoodDucted Heating Cleaning Collingwood

Why Choose Fresh Duct Cleaning Collingwood?

Fresh Cleaning likes to think we are the best provider around, for three reasons:

  1. Flexible Duct Cleaning job scheduling
  2. Quality Cleaning
  3. Affordable Duct Cleaning Service

It is as simple as that. With a team of certified cleaners who use the latest in specialised cleaning technology, we know you will be delighted with our service and promise you will come back weeks later for another round of cleaning.

Our coverage is from Monday to Sunday, 7am to 7pm, so we can definitely fit you in around your schedule.
Call us now on 1800 730 713 for a free initial inspection.

Central Duct Cleaning Services Collingwood Central Duct Cleaning Services Collingwood

Air duct Cleaning Collingwood

Our Duct Cleaning Team in Collingwood

Fresh Duct Cleaning team consists of only certified duct cleaners who have years of experience under their belt. The main objective of the company is to ensure each customer gets the best of duct cleaning services at most affordable cost. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority.

Ceiling Duct Cleaning Collingwood

  1. Christopher is the face of Fresh Duct Cleaning in the Northern suburbs of Collingwood.
  2. William has the authority for all duct cleaning requests that come from the Eastern suburbs.
  3. Jack makes the most of his skills and experience to impress the customers residing in the Southern suburbs.
  4. Ethan takes all duct cleaning calls in the Western suburbs and he has an invincible record of 100% satisfied customers.

Our Duct Cleaning Customers in Collingwood

  • Aged Care Homes in Collingwood
  • Central Duct Cleaning Services for many Offices across Collingwood
  • Ducted Heating Cleaning for the schools
  • Real Estate Residential and Commercial Properties in Collingwood
  • Ducted Heating Cleaning for Supermarkets

Professionals Duct Cleaning Collingwood

Fresh Duct Cleaning Collingwood is a one stop destination for all the duct related requirements. From duct cleaning, duct installation, duct servicing, duct repairing, to carbon monoxide testing we do it all under one roof. We take pride in our latest equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to restore your ducts in the best possible way. We have certified technicians who are trained to deliver guaranteed results for our services and 100% customer satisfaction.

Come to us whenever your ducts need a small repair or a regular maintenance service and we promise you won’t go anywhere else again!

Our Duct Cleaning Process

Duct cleaning requires proper qualification, certification, expertise, and experience. One wrong move can cause serious damage to the duct system and lead to absolutely unwanted situation. So we make sure to train our technicians really well before they are assigned any live job. Our technicians are trained to follow the below mentioned duct cleaning process for effective results:

  1. Our duct specialists begin their task by cleaning the return air duct system. High pressure air is used to clean the air return grill along and the filter, clearing away all dirt and debris.
  2. In the second step our technicians will get down to clean the heating unit system, fan blades, and the motor. The fan is taken out before cleaning by opening the heater and each part is individually cleaned with an air gun.
  3. After this, our cleaners check all the duct lines and then clean them separately. To ensure that dust does not enter your room while work on the heating and cooling ducted systems, we use vent covers.
  4. Once all parts and the duct is cleaned, we sanitize the duct thoroughly. For this step, we use bactigas in the return air vent. Apart from giving a nice fragrance it also eliminates possibility of future bacteria and allergen growth.

With more than two decades of industry experience in duct cleaning, we are surely the experts of duct cleaning and duct repair. Improve the quality of air that you breathe and extend the life of your ducted systems by simply giving us a call at our 24 hours 7 Days assistance helpline!


Sneezing and Allergies Gone

I woke up today without sneezing! This has happened after years. I thank you Fresh Duct Cleaning Melbourne for the extra sleep and clean ducts!

Grace Barbagiovanni

clean again

I just want to say thank you to fresh duct cleaners. Something had died in my ducts and omg the smell was horrendous. I rang and was given there honest opinion and told me not waste my money on cleaning because the smell would still be there. We replaced one duct and as good as new again. and no more smell

Tim Rokeby

Great Prices for Commercial Duct Cleaning

I own a small business in Melbourne and the expenses of taking care of all the machinery being used are quite hefty. But thanks to Fresh Duct Cleaning I do not have to worry about my ducts and the safety of my employees. I have opted for their preventive and annual maintenance program for duct cleaning and they take care of my ducts at a very decent price. Love their work.

Jasmina Ribarovska

Cost effective service provider

“Fresh Duct Cleaning team got my air condition duct reverse cycle cleaned a week back. Must say they are cost effective service provider.”

Tim Harris

Professional Duct Cleaners

Fresh Duct Cleaning Melbourne is one of those rare companies that take pride and care about what their customers think. Our ducted heating systems were thoroughly cleaned by their professionals. And it was a pleasure to have their cleaners at home. They chatted with him all the while and I didn’t feel they were strangers. As my ducts are clean now, I have a much healthier home now!

– Karen Wilkins

Prompt service

Wow these guys are amazing after several calls they were the only ones able to offer urgent same day service. No hidden costs and prompt and efficient I will use this company again.


Effective Heater Unit Servicing

Fresh Duct Cleaning Melbourne serviced my heater unit and the duct is working absolutely fine now. The prompt and quality duct cleaning service is highly appreciated. And I would love to recommend your service to anyone.

Tom Isedale

Affordable Duct Repair

We called them a few days ago for ducted reverse cycle air conditioning cleaning and I am happy to say that we are pleased with the results. The air quality has improved, there is no noise now, and we feel more confident and safe about the air that we breathe at home. Your duct experts were courteous enough to explain the entire process to my teenage child who was keen enough to know how it worked. Thanks for quality cleaning and a wonderful experience.

Rania Klarou

Lowest Priced Duct Installation Services

We needed a few new ducts at our new home in Northern Melbourne. We called Fresh Duct Cleaning for the same and they quoted lowest prices for duct installation services. The whole thing was done in a quick and smooth way. Surprising all the mess was cleared by these professionals only and we didn’t have to move even an inch. Thanks.

Sandra Shelton

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Customers Review

Quick and good Job

5 5 1
“Fresh Duct Cleaning deals with all duct related services. I got mine duct replacement with them. They were quick in replacing it. Well done!”


5 5 1
I have just had my ducts cleaned this morning and am so glad just in time for this cold weather I was scared to turn the unit on after hearing that there could be carbon monoxide going through this type of heater. The guy did the carbon monoxide test and cleaned my unit. Ican now feel safe and warm. Would highly recommend fresh duct cleaning.

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Cleaning Melbourne

5 5 1
I got my ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system cleaned by Fresh Duct Cleaning. I definitely recommend their services to others too.

Get your duct done

5 5 1
I feel it is better to take the help of qualified technician for Duct Cleaning services. Fresh Duct Cleaning are the best service provider to identify all problems with your A/C units. So take the help of the Duct Cleaning company and do not let any of your Duct related problem remain unnoticed which could grow into larger and bigger more expensive issues for a future date. I got my duct cleaned from Fresh Duct Cleaning. They are providing services to all the suburb in Melbourne. I am quite satisfied with their services.

Loyal Customers of Fresh Duct Cleaners

5 5 1
We have been using duct cleaning solutions of Fresh Duct Cleaners for last 4 years and it has been a great journey. They keep on improving not just their technology and cleaning methods but their customer service too. We are surprised every time we call them for duct cleaning at our home in Melbourne. We are a loyal customer of Fresh Duct Cleaners and we have suggested their name to many of our friends who have become their regular customers too.

Air Duct Cleaners

4 5 1
Fresh Duct Cleaning Melbourne are expert air duct cleaners for both residential as well as commercial properties. I have used their services for my home but I called them a few days ago to get all of the air ducts cleaned at my office building. There are more than 20 ducts but the team handled the task with utmost perfection. Every single duct has been cleaned thoroughly and all parts of the ducts were removed and cleaned separately. I strongly recommend their duct cleaning services.

Duct Fix Melbourne

5 5 1
I got my duct fixed for my Melbourne home at a very economical cost by Fresh Duct Cleaning. And I am gonna call them for duct cleaning next month too. – Sia

Best Duct Cleaning Company

5 5 1
My two year old son suffers from asthma. We have to be very cautious about the indoor air quality. We have to use duct cleaning services twice a year but from all the companies that we have used, Fresh Duct Cleaning Melbourne is the best!

Happy with Duct Maintenance

5 5 1
I and my wife are very happy with duct maintenance service provided by Fresh Duct Cleaning Melbourne. We live carefree with peace of mind as we do not have to worry about our ducts anymore. Fresh Duct Cleaning takes the headache for the maintenance, repair, and cleaning of all our ducts at home. Thanks for such sound services.

Affordable Carbon Monoxide Testing

4 5 1
For an affordable carbon monoxide testing you must visit Fresh Duct Cleaning Melbourne. We have personally experienced their quality and cost-effective services. The guys were punctual and finished the job in very less time. Overall had a nice experience.

Enhanced Air Flow

5 5 1
The Fresh Duct Cleaning Melbourne team did a fantastic job to enhance the air flow coming out of my ducts. The best part is I didn’t have to get involved and they did everything on their own. Cool! – Anthony

Flawless Duct Repair

5 5 1
We have had a flawless duct repair done by Fresh Duct Cleaning services Melbourne. We didn’t know what the problem was but the heating system was not working efficiently. These people came, had a look and started working upon it immediately. Once done, they even cleaned the duct properly to ensure it threw only fresh and clean air. We loved their professionalism.

AC Duct Cleaning

5 5 1
Our AC duct was creating nuisance for a long time so we thought of calling experts. Fresh Duct Cleaning people came and complete the entire task in no time. We never had any problem with them and the payment we had to make was very nominal. They are very efficient in their profession and it is reflected in the modus-operandi of their working. Thanks.

Duct Replacement Melbourne

5 5 1
I got my ducts replaced in a very hassle-free manner from Fresh Duct Cleaning Melbourne. They are nice and friendly and know their job well.

Duct Cleaning Leads to Reduced Power Bills

5 5 1
I have been using ducted heating and cooling systems ever since I remember but I never thought getting them cleaned was so important. I used to clean them on my own only. Then one fine day I read an advertisement of Fresh Duct Cleaning Melbourne that claimed to reduce power bills through duct cleaning. So I thought of giving it a try and now I can say that their claims were true. My electricity bills have reduced drastically and I can feel a kind of freshness in the air that we breathe. Thank you so much for giving a whole new meaning to duct cleaning.

Timely Carbon Monoxide Testing

5 5 1
We are glad to have found Fresh Duct Cleaning on time to get our ducts checked for carbon monoxide leakage. It was so timely planned that a delay of a few days could have become fatal for us. Thanks for a quick and same day carbon monoxide testing.
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