Fact Sheet On HVAC Duct Cleaning

The indoor air quality of our homes and offices are depends a lot on the HVAC Systems. These are Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning Systems which are connected to rooms by means of duct-works. These duct-works forms passages or pathways for airflow and temperature regulation. Kitchen smokes and oils, pet furs and dandles and all dust and dirt put into consideration by the ductwork. So, duct cleaning is very much essential for maintaining the air quality and temperature of our house or office.

Before going for a duct cleaning, we must know few important facts like –

  1. When all measures of maintaining a clean and contaminant-free duct seem fruitless then only we must go for duct cleaning. It is our last resort.
  2. Identification of the source of contamination is essential before going for a duct cleaning. For this a thorough inspection and evaluation of your HVAC System are essential.
  3. Preventive schedules and procedures for maintenance must be followed to restrict entry of dirt, water, and other contaminants after duct cleaning. Implementation of hygienic and proper household practices and allocation of proper air intake locations can be helpful for you.

To prevent duct contamination, follow the following methods –

    1. Perform a routine maintenance of HVAC Systems by changing filters and cleaning coils regularly.
    2. Seal the ductwork at the time of any construction or renovation going on in your house or apartment. This prevents the entry of dust and debris into the ductwork.
    3. Occupied and living portions of your residence should maintain a proper and hygienic housekeeping practice.
    4. Place the registers and vents, which are the intake ports of the ductwork, away from the sources of contamination.
HVAC Duct Cleaning Services Melbourne

HVAC Duct Cleaning Services Melbourne

  1. New duct tubes and housings are having oils and dust in it. Ensure that there has been proper cleaning before the installation and fixing process.

Duct cleaning becomes compulsory when you observe the following symptoms –

  1. Water leakage from the ducts,
  2. Ducts with slime and microbial accumulation,
  3. Blockage in the airflow resulting in the poor quality of air,
  4. The supply diffusers are exhausting or diffusing dust,
  5. Feeling of congestion or stuffiness in the room,
  6. Irritation of eyes or allergic reactions to skin or breathing,
  7. Unpleasant and offensive odors are haunting your living area.

Before the cleaning, ensure that the building occupants are safe by following few precautionary steps like –

  1. Nights and weekends can be the best time for duct cleaning as the building remains relatively vacant as other times of the day or week.
  2. Do not use biocides and sealants as these may result in eye, nose and skin irritation.
  3. Give a notice before-hand to the occupants of the duct cleaning so that they can take their respective protection measures.

It is very much necessary to identify and control the source of contamination by a close and thorough inspection. Otherwise, duct cleaning will not be a permanent solution or fix to your problem. At the time of hiring any duct cleaning agency or contractor, verify the organizations’ credentials. You should inquire about the reliability, specialty, and genuineness of the service provided by them. A check of the professional and expertness of the crew members is also mandatory.

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Air Duct Cleaning Services Melbourne

Air Duct Cleaning Services Melbourne

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