Lowest Priced Duct Installation Services

We needed a few new ducts at our new home in Northern Melbourne. We called Fresh Duct Cleaning for the same and they quoted lowest prices for duct installation services. The whole thing was done in a quick and smooth way. Surprising all the mess was cleared by these professionals only and we didn’t have to move even an inch. Thanks.

Sandra Shelton

clean again

I just want to say thank you to fresh duct cleaners. Something had died in my ducts and omg the smell was horrendous. I rang and was given there honest opinion and told me not waste my money on cleaning because the smell would still be there. We replaced one duct and as good as new again. and no more smell

Tim Rokeby

Prompt service

Wow these guys are amazing after several calls they were the only ones able to offer urgent same day service. No hidden costs and prompt and efficient I will use this company again.


Cost effective service provider

“Fresh Duct Cleaning team got my air condition duct reverse cycle cleaned a week back. Must say they are cost effective service provider.”

Tim Harris

Effective Heater Unit Servicing

Fresh Duct Cleaning Melbourne serviced my heater unit and the duct is working absolutely fine now. The prompt and quality duct cleaning service is highly appreciated. And I would love to recommend your service to anyone.

Tom Isedale

Affordable Duct Repair

We called them a few days ago for ducted reverse cycle air conditioning cleaning and I am happy to say that we are pleased with the results. The air quality has improved, there is no noise now, and we feel more confident and safe about the air that we breathe at home. Your duct experts were courteous enough to explain the entire process to my teenage child who was keen enough to know how it worked. Thanks for quality cleaning and a wonderful experience.

Rania Klarou

Sneezing and Allergies Gone

I woke up today without sneezing! This has happened after years. I thank you Fresh Duct Cleaning Melbourne for the extra sleep and clean ducts!

Grace Barbagiovanni

Great Prices for Commercial Duct Cleaning

I own a small business in Melbourne and the expenses of taking care of all the machinery being used are quite hefty. But thanks to Fresh Duct Cleaning I do not have to worry about my ducts and the safety of my employees. I have opted for their preventive and annual maintenance program for duct cleaning and they take care of my ducts at a very decent price. Love their work.

Jasmina Ribarovska

Professional Duct Cleaners

Fresh Duct Cleaning Melbourne is one of those rare companies that take pride and care about what their customers think. Our ducted heating systems were thoroughly cleaned by their professionals. And it was a pleasure to have their cleaners at home. They chatted with him all the while and I didn’t feel they were strangers. As my ducts are clean now, I have a much healthier home now!

– Karen Wilkins
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