How to Clean the Filter on Your Air Conditioner?

Air conditioners have evolved to be a daily need today. They purify the air to remove allergies and other pollution in air. Air conditioners earlier were used to cool the room. But now it is treated as pollutant remover of indoors as well.

Air conditioners maintenance is very important to make sure that they function effectively and efficiently. Now the question lies on how often should we service the AC and what type of service is required.

  1. A home with AC which has less access and no pets will need service every six to twelve months.
  2. A home in suburbs and offices where the pollution is average will need service every ninety days.
  3. A home with pets like dog and cat will need service every Sixty days.
  4. A home with more than one pet will need service every twenty to forty-five days.

Now comes on how to clean the filters on our own at home. There are two ways of filter cleaning – Dry and Wet. Below are a few advices on how to.

Dry Cleaning

  • Turn off the AC
  • Remove the screws if any from the panel outdoor and indoor
  • Use a vacuum cleaner with its long extension hose and brush to scrub and pull off any dirt or grit from the mesh

    Air Conditioner Cleaning Melbourne

    Air Conditioner Cleaning Melbourne

  • Do maintain the suction speed such that the mesh does not get torn
  • The mesh is a very thin material and needs extra care.

Wet Cleaning

  • Turn off the AC
  • Remove the screws and detach the filter
  • Show them under tap and let the water run to clear the dirt and dust from the mesh
  • Make sure to dry the filters with no water on the mesh and then put it back in its place
  • Alternatively, you could fill the sink with water and 3 cups of vinegar
  • Soak the filters in the sink for the grit to loosen and then hold it under running water to wash the loosened grit
  • Note on the mesh as it is a very thin filament and can tend to tear off if given more pressure
  • If the dirt and grit is clogged and the mesh is too dirty, it needs a chemical wash and for that consulting or calling a service technician is advisable.

Cleaning the condenser

Apart from the filters, the other part that needs maintenance for better performance is Condensers. Regular maintenance of the condenser will increase the efficiency of the AC.

Cleaning Your AC Condenser

Cleaning Your AC Condenser

  • Take a soft-bristled toothbrush and scrub between the grids of the outdoor unit
  • Be sure not to give more pressure which might bend the fins of the coil
  • You could even use a vacuum with its extension and brush such that no much pressure and stress falls on the fins
  • It is advisable to consult a technician to clean the coils instead of you doing it
  • Because it needs more care and attention and the manufacturer might not accept any damages by you.

None the less refer your product manual to check if the mesh is reusable one or it to be replaced. Need professional cleaning today hire Fresh Duct Cleaning Melbourne

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