Is It Time You Checked The Air Ducts?

Your heating and cooling system operates nonstop, every day to maintain a normal temperature at your home. Over time, this continuous air pumping will attract large quantities of pollen, contaminants, and allergens that will lower your air quality and force your device to work harder. To optimize the lifetime of your HVAC system and ensure you breathe healthy, allergen-free air, you must inspect and healthy your air ducts daily. But just how long does it require inspection?

Duct Cleaning

What is Duct Cleaning?

Most people now know that air pollution indoors is a matter of growing concern and increasing visibility. Many businesses are selling goods and services aimed to enhance the indoor air quality. You’ve either seen an advertisement, got a voucher in the mail, or been personally contacted by a company promising to give you the best benefits of air duct cleaning as a way to enhance indoor air quality at your home.

These Usually Provided Services Like:

  1. Volume of device to be cleaned
  2. System Availability
  3. Contamination Rate
  4. Climatic region

The service provider can propose to apply specific biocides to the inside of the ductwork and to other machine components, designed to destroy microbiological pollutants. Some service companies may also recommend chemical treatments to encapsulate or cover the inside surface of the air ducts and machinery housings as they assume it will control bacterial growth or prevent dirt particles or fibers from being released from ducts.

When Could I Have Tested My Ducts?

As per the Australian Duct Cleaners Association, the air ducts must be serviced properly each three to five years, with much more regular home checks by people who may have respiratory or asthma conditions. Cleanings also eliminate many of the dust particles, pollen and allergens that are cause for allergy burst-ups and ensure that your cooling system works at full capacity.

You Can Also Decide Whether You Need Inspection of your Ducts by Searching for The Below Signs:

  • Your Heating and Cooling System is Not Functioning Appropriately:

    If your cooling system is working poorly or just not as well as it once did, there is a great chance that your air ducts will be clogged and need to be cleaned. Some common signs of having an inspection are odd sounds from your vents and irregular airflow.

  • Your Monthly Electricity Bill Unexpectedly Jumps:

    Clogged air vents would cause your heating and cooling system to work overtime to move air conditioning into your house, which will spike up your energy costs. When the monthly energy bill unexpectedly rises there is a fair risk that it does not work properly.

  • Your Home Looks Duster Than Normal:

    That one is quite self-explanatory. If you observe the accumulation of dust in your house at a much faster pace than before, your vents are probably covered with dust, and need to be clean.

Duct Cleaning Services

Duct Cleaning Services

Freely Breath With Fresh Duct Cleaning:

If you are unclear of the last time your air ducts have been checked or seen any of the above symptoms, send a call to Fresh Duct Cleaning Melbourne group. Since 10 Years, having equipped owners with 10,000 + duct checks, maintenance, sealing, and cleaning, they can provide the outstanding quality and results that you need. They are definitely the best local duct cleaning provider in town. Get in touch at 1800 730 713 and stay relaxed from professional duct cleaning woes.

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