Should it be necessary to have the air ducts cleaned?

Should it be necessary to have the air ducts cleaned?
You need to clean your air ducts for the following reasons:
Sometimes Dust and debris got accumulated in your ventilation system which causes blocking ductwork and other key components of the furnace. It also affects the evaporator coil as well as the blower.
After some days accumulation of this debris may affect your unit and will not allow the air to flow inside the machine. The restricted airflow may cause it not to work properly. The machine cannot work harder and longer any more thus expending more energy.
A detailed cleaning of your HVAC system will definitely enhance the energy efficiency of your unit. apart from that, you will get a lower utility bill. The best part is that regular cleanings of the air ducts will also lengthen the life of your heating and cooling system.

What is the best time for duct cleaning?

There is no best time for duct cleaning but EPA has certain guidelines to explain when your ducts need cleaning. So you need duct cleaning when:
You haven’t got it cleaned for a while.
Any animal has intruded your ducts.
There is mould growth inside the duct.
There is dust coming in the air.
The duct does not work efficiently.
You feel any change in duct airflow.
Your power bills increases for no reasons.

When should I get my duct cleaned?

If the air inside your home feels heavy and polluted than the outside air, then it is high time to get your ducts cleaned.

Do you provide the cleaning supplies?

Yes. We furnish every single thing that is required to clean your ducts thoroughly. Be it the machines or the cleaning solutions – we have our own stuff. We do not rely on market-based cleaning agents so we create them on our own. We use the safest and best cleaning solutions for ducts ensuring they do not harm your family, pets or our environment. For this reason, we work with only bio-friendly ingredients. Also we have the latest equipment for duct cleaning so that we can provide the finest quality of duct cleaning to our valuable customers.

My duct might need repair besides cleaning. Can you handle that?

Yes, in fact we specialize in that. We have a dedicated team of skilled cleaners who exclusively specialize in duct repairing, duct maintenance, and duct installation. When you call us initially, please let us know your specific requirements and we will arrange for the cleaners accordingly. We have been doing duct repair in Melbourne for over a decade now and our years’ of experience reflects in our performance. We are sure to impress you with our service. Give us a call and make an appointment.

Is commercial duct cleaning very expensive?

Not with Fresh Duct Cleaners. We understand that maintaining a commercial property is much more hectic, time consuming and expensive as compared to maintaining a small residential property. But with us you do not have to worry about the cost with Fresh Duct Cleaners. We offer a wide range of duct cleaning and duct repair services at commercial level at a very reasonable prices. For a rough estimate for your duct cleaning requirement, we request you to give us a call and talk to our executives. We will ask you a few questions and accordingly give you a rough idea about how much it would cost.

What if I do not feel satisfied?

Fresh Duct Cleaning services works to provide you complete customer satisfaction with our services, quality, and cleaning methods. We offer guaranteed results for all our duct cleaning services. So in case you do not feel satisfied with any of our services then we ensure you that we will redo it for you at no extra cost.
We have a reputation of being our customers’ favorite in Melbourne and we never do anything to spoil our status. With us, your absolute satisfaction is our ultimate ambition!

When do you close?

We work round the clock to give complete convenience and flexibility to our valuable clients. We know that most our customers do not have time during their busy schedule. Therefore, our executives are available to take your call anytime of the day whenever you feel like it. Also, we aim to be available whenever you need us and for that we work on weekends too. We do not want our customers to hear “sorry we are not available” ever! Give us a call now and plan your duct cleaning service at any day of the week.

Why do I need professional duct cleaning; my duct is working fine?

Like any other product/item/furniture at your home/office, your ducts too need regular cleaning; even if they are working fine. Ducts accumulate dust mites, dirt, soil, grease, and all sorts of other contaminants that are passed on to the air that the ducts throw out. Also, at times, unknowingly, your ducts become homes for animals (dead or alive) that could further increase health hazards. So, it is essential to get your ducts professionally cleaned once before you start them in the season. Professional duct cleaning also reduces electricity bills because even motors and fans are cleaned properly so that the ducts could work fine without using more power.

How can I make the payment for heating and air conditioning duct cleaning?

We give you the freedom to pay using cash, credit cards, or cheques for heating and air condition duct cleaning service. You can even do a direct online transfer once the cleaning is done and you are absolutely satisfied.

Can you perform carbon monoxide testing for my duct systems?

Fresh Duct Cleaning Melbourne does have the means to conduct carbon monoxide testing for ducted heating and cooling systems. It is vital to get your ducts checked for leakage of this lethal gas and live a peaceful life. What’s more? Our carbon monoxide testing is available at an affordable cost. Call us to know more.

Are you available on public holidays and weekends?

We are available on weekends and public holidays. We understand many of our clients has a busy schedule and doesn’t’ get time to get their ducts cleaned on weekdays. So our team provide them service on weekend. We have dedicated and passionate duct cleaners who work according to the availability of our clients. We are available 24*7 even on public holidays and weekends. You can call us on weekends and our team of professionals will be there at your place to provide the best duct cleaning service. We are waiting for your call.

Duct Cleaning Services
Duct Cleaning Services

Do you have licensed duct cleaners?

Yes, at Fresh Duct Cleaning Melbourne we only hire licensed and certified duct cleaners who are thoroughly trained before they are given any field job.

Can you provide me a rough estimate for the work?

Ans: Yes, once our staff pre-inspect your ducts. They would provide you a tentative costing amount.

How much time will it take to clean the air ducts in my home?

The Fresh Duct Cleaning experts usually take 2 -4 hours for a typical single family home’s air duct system. If you have pets at home then it may take a little longer. Also newer homes take less time compared to new homes.

Energy Efficient Duct Cleaning

We had got our ducts cleaned earlier too but there was no considerable change in the power bills and we had assumed that duct cleaning didn’t lead to any reduction in energy consumption. But we were proved absolutely wrong when we got a chance to have Fresh Duct Cleaning Melbourne for duct cleaning at our home in Southern Melbourne. Within 2 months the electricity bills have reduced and we are enjoying the cleaner and fresher air. Thanks a lot. – Andrew Karanik

Can you do duct replacement in Melbourne?

Yes, Fresh Duct Cleaning does deal in duct replacement too. We offer complete duct cleaning and duct repair solutions at economical rates. Call us and get the best duct replacement at the best prices in Melbourne.

What range of services do you provide?

We provide the best duct cleaning services for Melbourne. We have a skilled professional team who can provide you the best-ducted heating cleaning services including floor and ceiling duct cleaning, air duct cleaning and ducted heating cleaning. Apart from that, we give you same day service. You will get our services in Southern, Northern & Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. Try out our awesome Duct System Deodorising & Sanitation for fresh and aromatic breathing air.

Can you offer duct fix service in Melbourne?

Yes, we do provide duct fix services in Melbourne for both residential as well as commercial properties. Call us to avail cost-effective solutions for your ducts and keep your family sound and healthy!

Can you do heater unit servicing too?

Yes, we have specialization in heater unit servicing at Fresh Duct Cleaning Melbourne. You can avail the same at a reasonable price from us.

Can remove the rodents intruded in my home ducts and the smell caused?

Yes, we also provide animal intrusion services for your ducts and vents. The intrusion and death of the animals cause the bad odour in your ducts, through which your rooms get stinky. We have a solution for that too. After animal removal and duct cleaning, we deodorise the ducts for tea tree oil to eliminate the horrible smell.